We all will have our hearts broken sometime in our lifetime.  It’s how we handle it that shows our character.  Try to develop a new thought process. Once you’ve let it out and have taken some time to face and grieve over it, you can take the next step on recovering from your broken heart. A broken heart, to be fixed, should make you become a better person. Let go of that anger and pain of what has happened and appreciate all the good you experienced in the relationship.

Forgive if you’re angry. Accept a goodbye, if that is what has happened. Learn to let go and move on. Sometimes we want to hold onto the past, instead of heading to the future of our lives. You can’t live life in the past, otherwise you’ll go backwards instead of forwards. You learn from the past, and move forward with the future. That is life. Take something positive out of the situation and hold onto that instead of the bitterness and sadness. Be happy for the good times you experienced.  Your mindset will allow you to carry or sink you in this process. That is why you have to accept what has happened, grieve and get angry first. Let these emotions out, then take the approach of forgiving and accepting.  Be happy for the fun and laughter you had experienced in the relationship.

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