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Millions of Americans have, at one time or another, suffered from nightmares.  Scientists are trying to unravel the meaning behind the disturbing dreams that leave us waking in a panic.  They believe that while the nightmare may not directly correspond to waking life, it can reflect the sleeper’s emotions or concerns.  Nightmares are usually brought on by stress, medication, a high fever, food and drink and an overactive mind.  The five most common themes are falling, being chased, feeling paralyzed, being late and the death of a loved one.

For those experiencing recurring nightmares, sleep can become an enemy. Nighttime panic can spill over to waking hours and combine with interrupted sleep patterns to disrupt all aspects of the dreamer’s life. To fully cure nightmares, examination of their likely causes must first take place. Once you understand where they are coming from, it is easier to lay them to rest.  Because nightmares are often brought on by stress, meditation before bedtime can help remove this common trigger. Even a relaxation exercise before sleep can do wonders to reduce night time anxiety.  Add a beeswax candle to your 15 minutes of relaxation time with a peaceful meditation tape and be prepared for positive results.

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