When we help others, what we are really doing is helping ourselves.  The joy and happiness that love and compassion for others brings to us is one of the best kept secrets of life.  Helping others always makes us feel good.

A hidden part of us rejoices when we reach out to one another in everyday life.  We search for happiness in romance, achievements, possessions, exciting experiences, and all of these bring us some satisfaction, but not enough to bring us real joy.  When we help others, we receive happiness back, tenfold.

Doing good eliminates lots of stress. When you do something good for someone else, your brain’s pleasure centers light up, releasing endorphins, and this generates feelings of satisfaction and gratitude. When you do good, you will feel motivated to do good again. Generosity gets rewarded, even if it doesn’t always come straight back from the one you helped.

People who volunteer tend to have higher self-esteem and are much happier. When you do good for others, you are doing good for yourself. It has been proven that communities with lots of volunteers are more stable and better places to live.

We can only be happy in a world where the others are happy, too. Our happiness really does depend on the happiness of others. Helping others evokes gratitude, which naturally instills health and happiness within us.

If you light a lantern for another, it will also brighten your own way.

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