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Horoscopes: Color and Fashion

A colorful world is a world of meaning. Colors not only enhance our appearance, they influence our behavior as well. They act upon the body as well as the mind. Each one of the Astrological signs has its own Style and Color. We project onto the world a visual expression of our personality, and the colors and style that we select provides an initial, powerful first impression.  Knowing what colors are suited to your sign is important for staying in balance with the Universe we inhabit. Don’t forget to check out our Monthly Horoscopes and Daily Astrology.

Aries – The Ram

Wild Strawberry (female) and Steel Blue (male)

Those born under the Aries sign love to wear a pop of color. This can be either in the whole outfit, or just an accessory. When the Aries female wears Wild Strawberry, she is showing her gregarious and fun-loving side of her personality. The Aries male wearing Steel Blue conveys an abundance of energy and a strong and confident personality. He is a giver, not a taker.  Wearing Steel Blue, he gives a stabilizing effect to those around him.  He is the one that can be trusted.

Taurus – The Bull

Cotton Candy (female) and Olive Green (male)

Those born under this sign of the Bull want their clothes to be the most luxurious and fun-loving that money can by. When the Taurus female wears her color, Cotton Candy, she is looking for change, for fun, and a bit of drama. Wearing this pink color, she feels an increased enthusiasm about all things in life.  The Olive Green man is the explorer. He loves to experiment and wants to reinvent anything that comes his way.  He is very balanced and has a great sense of freedom and harmony.  He sees situations clearly from all sides.

Gemini – The Twins

Dandelion Yellow (female) and Camouflage Green (male)

The explorer, the Gemini, wants clothing that is suitable for wherever their wonder lust impulses lead them. They want clothing that can go from office to exploring at any time. Dandelion Yellow is a sunlight color, a reminder of flowers and nature. It is a joyful color, worn by the lady who loves sunny days and exploring. Camouflage Green gives one the feeling of really being immersed in nature. The Camouflage Green man loves to explore, at any time and any place.

Cancer – The Crab

Vivid Violet (female) and Sea Green or Silver (male)

People born under the sign of the Crab want to be traditional, yet trendy. They don’t look for anything dramatic in their clothing, but tend to buy clothing that makes a positive statement, anyway. The Lady wearing Vivid Violet is showing dominance and strength. She loves anything from the Victorian era.  She loves beautiful accessories.  The man in Sea Green reeks of prosperity and abundance. He is relaxing and soothing to be around.  He has a strong sense of right and wrong.  He’s usually the one with the money.

Leo – The Lion

Metallic Gold (female) and Radical Red (male)

The Lion, King of his domain, wants his clothing to make a statement. Money is not an issue when choosing their fashion. The female in the Metallic Gold is the lady with expensive taste and tons of wisdom. Add Black to the Gold and she screams of elegance. The man in Radical Red has power and passion. He is a study of strength and perseverance.  He offers a stable base to others that gives them the positive energy that they lack.  He dominates so let him lead.

Virgo – The Virgin

Pearl White (female) and Forest Green (male)

The Virgo expects their clothing to always be in perfect taste. Clothing must be current with today’s fashions. A woman wearing Pearl White has virtue, status and prosperity. Wearing Pearl White, she shows openness, creativity and growth.  She will not tell a lie. Forest Green is the easiest color on the eye. It has a relaxing effect on those in your company. Forest Green is refreshing to the soul, and strengthens his entire energy system.  The man in Forest Green lives in harmony with his surroundings.

Libra – The Scales

Bright red (female) and Bold Green (male)

The Libra dresses for romance. Their clothing will always be creative, and show their natural sense of style. Bright Red is a party color with a lot of heat. The female Libra, wearing this color, will definitely turn heads. She has a positive energy about her that appears to be a call for action.  The male in Bold Green has prestige and abundance. He loves possessions and feels the need to own things.  The Bold Green color gives him strength to always make the best choices.  He has good financial advice to offer, but he cannot be bought.

Scorpio – The Scorpion

French Violet (female) and Merlot Red (male)

Those born under the Scorpio sign love creating an air of mystery. Their style is confusing to people, but in a good way. Their color choices radiate warmth and joy.  The lady in the French Violet is dignified and regal. She feels very passionate. When wearing French Violet, she is signifying the unity of the body and the soul, which creates balance in her life. Wearing Merlot Red, the male possesses self-confidence and has a feeling of vitality.  It also stimulates a deep feeling of intimate passion.  He is looking for attention and has the strength of character to find it. His persistence is impressive.

Sagittarius – The Archer

Light Blue (female) and Midnight Blue (male)

The Sagittarius folks love their sports and look for comfortable clothing that can fit almost any occasion. They love to travel. The blues are cool colors, reminding us of beautiful bodies of water, for they are the beautiful people.  They like to take control and do the right thing in difficult situations.  They don’t like to attract too much attention to themselves, but love to be part of the team to accomplish good.  The Sagittarians wearing either the Light Blue or Midnight Blue, are highly regarded by their peers and impress those around them with their knowledge on almost any subject.

Capricorn – The Goat

Oyster White (female) and Smoky Black (male)

Those born under the Capricorn sign aren’t into fancy evening clothing. They would rather pack a bag of hiking clothing and climb up a mountain. The Capricorn female wearing Oyster White, shows those around her of her modesty, yet prosperity. Her status in the community, helping others, is well-known. Smoky Black is a color of vitality and energy, with an inner radiance of pearlescense. The Capricorn male in Smoky Black is a man of mystery, and likes to disappear for long weekends.  He creates a barrier between him and the outside world on these weekends to regain internal balance and tranquility.

Aquarius – The Water Bearer

Sapphire Blue (female) and Smoky Black (male)

The peaceful Aquarius is happiest in casual clothing. Fortunately, they look good in almost anything. The female wearing Sapphire Blue is signifying her power and beauty. She strives for peace and good health.  She radiates stability and kindness.  The Aquarian male in Smoky Black expects to be treated with respect as he is a man on a mission to find peace in the world.  He cannot be easily manipulated and insists on always doing the right thing. When wearing Smoky Black he is showing others that he now has all “problems solved.”

Pisces – The Fish

Mauve (female) and Sea Green (male)

Those born under the sign of the Fish are people who come alive in the evening. They love to be in the center of activity and are comfortable at black tie events and marches for peace. They have a closet full of clothing for every scenario. Mauve is the color of royalty and determination. The lady wearing Mauve is living in her version of a fantasy world, she is queen of her domain. The Sea Green male is a man of compassion for his fellow-man. Sea Green is soothing, calming and purifying.  It is a sign of balance.  He has been successful in the business world and believes in giving to others.

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