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Preparing for Meditation can be just as important as the actual meditation.  Getting your meditation space prepared is necessary for a good meditation.  Meditations usually are 20 to 30 minutes in length, can be longer or shorter, depending on the individual.  The right atmosphere  — candles, incense, music, location — can determine whether or not your quiet time of contemplation is successful or whether it is filled with distractions.

Make yourself comfortable, both with your clothing and your location.  You must be comfortable enough to take deep breaths to lull you into a meditation state.  Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.  Turn off, when possible, all means of distraction , this includes cell phones, television, radio, etc.  If indoors, turn down the lights.  Harsh lighting makes it difficult to meditate.  Light one or two candles.  Light an incense stick.  Play a tape made especially for meditation.  Hold a crystal in your right hand.  This will help you center for your meditation.

Let go of your cares.  For 20 minutes, forget about your problems that would distract you from the peace and calm that meditation brings.  Breath slowly and deeply.  Your body should start to relax with every breath you take.  Concentrate of the light of the candles, while breathing in the aroma of the incense.  Slip into a meditative state, allowing your mind to clear naturally.  Let the sounds on the tape, whether it is a voice or the sounds of nature, consume your being.  This is part of the on-going process of Self Enlightenment.  Each time you attempt a meditation will be more successful.

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