Rain drops falling on my head, and never knowing when it will end.  Should I run for cover?  I would love to dance in the rain, knowing somehow it’ll help erase the pain. Sometimes when I’m all alone, and I see rain drops are falling outside again, I just know.

People who love the rain appreciate the scent of a spring storm and value the taste of fresh raindrops. They really don’t care what others think, and are proud of the fact that they can run around like they are still a child in the rain. A person who appreciate a rainy day is the kind of person who appreciates the beauty of nature. Rain always brings warm memories of past experiences.

It’s also fun to walk past people who are crowded under awnings, or in doorways, waiting for the rain to pass. The patter of rain on an awning or a rooftop is universally acknowledged as the most peaceful sound, ever. If thunder and lightning accompany the rain, it’s a wonderful bonus. We love to bond with nature and walking in the rain is one of the activities that allows us to do that.

There is a direct link between happiness and being completely present in whatever one is doing. Being completely present on a rainy day is relaxing and beautiful. After a rain, the grass stands a little taller, the leaves look a little brighter, the streets seem a little cleaner and a new beginning seems to start.

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