The more I see, the less I know for sure.  ~~ John Lennon ~

Life is a mystery.  People are confusing.  It’s frustrating when they don’t think as we do.  But we’ve learned some valuable truths along the way.  When you try to change other people they will often resist the change. Unless you understand how to communicate in their value system, and inspire them to change themselves, you will always be stuck trying to change them according to your values.

You can never change a person. You can however change the way you see them. When you change the way you perceive them they will change in your eyes without them actually changing.  And understanding that makes life a lot easier.

Our minds are constantly trying to make sense of our world, forming judgments and opinions about every situation, event, interaction. Those judgments and opinions will be affected by our central or core belief system. It is as though we are looking at the world through distorted or colored lenses – and everyone has their own personal prescription or color for their glasses.

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