Candles enhance the mood of many experiences.  Candles can set a romantic mood, they can enhance the dining experience and they are used for many reasons in churches of all denominations.  They are very popular in today’s homes.  A candle is a symbol of light, progress, comfort and hope that can show and shine one’s way of life.  The candle came from the ancient Egyptians, who made it out of tallow and then it was developed by the Romans to be used as a kind of assistance when people travel at dark.  It was not until the Middle Ages when beeswax  for candle making was introduced, for a much cleaner burn.

When people need to achieve something, they usually go to church to light a candle to make what they want in heart and mind happen.  For dining ambiance, a candle or two is usually used as a centerpiece.  Most romantic settings are enhanced by the use of scented candles.  Man’s desire for open flame is in large part an instinctual association that equates fire with warmth and safety.  It is a human instinct to gravitate towards fire.

We at love candles.   Peace, Love and Music always.

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