The use of Incense in New Age rituals is quite common.  The fragrance of incense is pleasing to the spiritual world as are the good intentions that go upward with it.  Incense is believed to give full disclosure of the spiritual world around when the incense is burning.  Mediums, magicians and spiritualists use incense because through it they are able to increase clairvoyance and achieve prophecy with this spiritual aid.

Incense is used in spells to win the affection of a person, to maintain a friendship, for commercial success, to attract good fortune, to banish evil and evil spirits, and to achieve certain wishes and goals.   It is also used to ward away bad energy within an area.

Incense is used within New Age meditations because of the pleasant, metaphysical sensations it evokes.  Incense helps to bring a splitting of the mind and body and a lifting of the soul.  It helps to achieve spiritual harmony.   Follow us at as we take our journey to wellness.

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