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Incense is composed of aromatic plant materials, often combined with essential oils. The exact origin of incense cannot be traced but ancient writings provide insight into how religions and cultures of old used the aroma of burning herbs, flowers, tree leaves and other natural sources in their spiritual practices. Today, it is used for meditation, yoga practice, quiet reflection, and to enhance the ambiance of different environments.

Incense should leave behind a positive feeling when you use it.  Aromatherapy with incense is a method in which to use essential oils in order to stimulate or relax the senses.  Incense is generally in the form of a stick with the aromatic materials attached to it.

Incense Scents to burn for Relaxation:

Jasmine has calming properties and is believed to aid in easing depression. It is associated with mental and emotional feelings of love. Jasmine is a good incense to promote friendships. It is burned to attract money and love.

Pine helps reduce anxiety and enables a feeling of relaxation. It is burned to banish negative energies. It is believed by some to break hexes and return them to their sender. Pine is thought to ward of evil influences. It is a winter incense.

Lemongrass can uplift you and make you feel revitalized. It is thought to help in changing bad luck to good. Cleansing is one of the primary attributes of lemongrass. It has a fragrance that resembles that of a lemon.

Sandalwood produces feelings of well being and serenty. It is burned to promote spiritual awareness. The smell is pleasing to many spiritual beings and it drives away negative energy. It can make you feel more safe and secure.

Lavender has a calming effect on both the mind and the body. It is burned to induce rest and sleep. Laender is attractive to angels because the plant is associated with encouraging compassion and forgiveness.

Chamomile inspires warmth. It is known as an herb of purification and protection and can be used in incense for sleep and meditation. It is used to attract money and a hand wash of the infuion is sometimes use by gamblers to help in winning.

Patchouli is a strong smell of a rich earth and is considered the happy incense. It is burned to attract money and love. It is thought to aid in fertility. Patchouli is added to sachets and baths. It has a strong, exotic scent of musk.

Nag Champa is a sacred incense with a hint of sandalwood and is used to purify an area. It is used for meditation and seeking spiritual enlightenment. It creates a calming effect as it aids in relaxation. It is often used during yoga. It is also used in many soaps as it has a rich combination of essences.

Vanilla is associated with mental thought. It is believed to bring about prosperity in all areas of one’s life. It is associated with mental thought and intelligence. You can also use it to enhance feelings of inner peace and comfort.

Frankincense and Myrrh are both resinous gums and their aromas have been used as aids for spiritual transcendence and peace, to manifest Heaven on Earth. They are thought to help us to detach from that which doesn’t have deeper spiritual meaning. They calm the mind and instill tranquility.

Try burning an incense stick to create a calming effect on your mood and increase a sense of well being. Always burn incense using a safe incense burner.

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