Bob Dylan


I don’t even consider that I wrote it.  When I got done, the song was there before me, before I came along.  I just sorta came down and just sorta took it down with a pencil, but it was all there before I came around.  ~ Bob Dylan  ~

Singing feels good. Singing releases endorphins, the feel good chemicals in the brain. Anytime we breathe deeply, we send oxygen to our brains, and we feel more alive. Endorphins help diminish stress and agitation. When singing, we breathe deeply and slow the heart rate and it takes our mind off of unwanted anxiety.

When we sing happy songs, we get to role-play and step outside ourselves for a few minutes. Singing feeds our soul as it creates physical well being. Singing is about enjoying the gift of our voices and sharing them with others. Voice is the language of our hearts. It is a form of release that gives us great joy. It’s very hard to worry and sing at the same time. It reduces stress levels and blood pressure. It makes us look good as it improves our posture and tones stomach muscles. Through the creative act of singing, we encounter our truest selves. Singing on a regular basis can bring us face to face with who we really are, and our unique purpose.

We should take the time to listen to our head and listen to our heart.  Do we have a song waiting to be sung?  It promotes a healthy heart and an enhanced mental state. When we understand who we are at our core and what unique qualities we possess, we then stop comparing ourselves to each other. Singing can help us make the world better. Singing makes us all better people.

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