We usually think solely of our own well-being, and forget that there is joy in sharing the joy of other’s happiness.  It is only natural for you to feel envious when wonderful things happen to your friends or acquaintances. Rather than envy a friend’s good fortune, think of how much more fulfilled he or she will be and how much more satisfied they will be in their new life.

As a friend, you only want good things for others and being able to rejoice in other’s happiness will result in your own happiness.  If we are happy when good things happen to others, we will have billions more chances to be happy, ourselves.

What really makes us happy is having good relationships and enjoying a meaningful life. Happy people live longer than others and are more productive. Stay in touch with friends and family. Time spent with friends and family makes a big difference in how happy we feel. Talking with others is a good thing for our happiness.

Believe in yourself and appreciate what you have. Take time to reflect. Make conscious steps to make your life happen.

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