KARMA is the law of cause and effect.  It is the law of action and reaction, which controls the destiny of all living things.  Any action produces an equal and opposite reaction, which influences everything we do.  There is no such thing as an accident or coincidence.  Everything that happens to us, happens by the cause and effect rule, and not by chance.  For every effect in life, there is a cause.  It is important to be responsible for our actions, and if we are not satisfied with the outcome, then make changes accordingly.

The principle of Karma is that for the good actions one performs, one receives good reactions; and if one inflicts pain or violence on others, one will suffer equal violence either in this life or the next.  Everything that we are today is the sum total result of all our activities up to this moment.  If we wish our lives to be different in the future, we have to change our activities in the present.  Everything we receive in the future is a result of what we do now.  Be the best you can be, take care of each other, act responsibly, and good karma will come your way.

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