With each day on earth, there is an opportunity for kindness. Any time you interact with another, you have the choice to be kind, or to be something other than kind. When someone is unkind, there is often a lot of pain. Being unkind is usually just a reaction to self-anger. They are usually struggling with their own negative issues and just need an outlet. Of course it is not fair to be treated unkindly, but it is a great opportunity to show caring and compassion to someone who truly needs it.

There are many ways to be kind, but make the extra effort to be kind to those most in need. When you give of yourself, your heart, your time, your kindness, it is a scientifically proven fact that this sharing brings an immediate increase in your well being. Try connecting with your eyes, smile, and open your heart, you’ll spread warmth and love to another. And always be kind to yourself as well. There are many people in need of our kindness. So many of them are emotionally wounded and will not be kind back. Be kind anyway, you will feel good doing it and you will give them something to think about. You just might make their day!

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