Laughter is a pleasant sound, it spreads joy all around.  Whether you’re young or old, laughter can be like magic to our souls.  Whenever we’re feeling sad, laughter can sustain us so that things don’t seem quite so bad.  If we give in to laughter it can be like a cure for something that seems impossible to endure.  So any time your spirits need a lift, fill yourself with laughter and you will find, a much happier person with a peaceful frame of mind!  ~ Bonnie R. Shaulis ~

So much time passes, we have moments of sadness.  At other times it seems like we are past depressed.  One thing will keep us together.  It’s the sound of joy and laughter from a little kid.  The sound of their high pitched laughter.  The laughter at every new thing they see.  Laughter makes our day better.  Laughter makes our life worth living.  Nothing can make you feel better other than laughter.  So make someone laugh, make yourself laugh, and live life.  ~ Lexie Bousman ~

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