A lovely rose with petals soft, a scent so sweet and light.  So beautiful a flower, with colors shining bright.  But something not so savory about the fragrant rose, the thorns, so sharp upon the stem, that sharpen as it grows.

Yet still lovely is the flower, despite the thorns that prick.  Just as life and love are sweet, they too have thorns that stick.  But do not fear to live or love, life’s not exempt from pain.  So pick a rose, you may get hurt, but you will also gain!

The beautiful rose, the thorn can prick, but the flower is amazing.  Don’t let the thorns in life keep you from your happiness.

Depending on color, a rose can have many different meanings. Red means love and romance. Pink stands for grace, elegance and admiration. Peach symbolizes sincerity. Orange reflects passion and desire. Yellow represents warmth, happiness, joy and friendship. Lavender reflects love at first sight. Purple symbolizes enchantment and magnetism. White embodies innocence, purity, honor and reverence.

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