In the silence of the morning, if you listen, you might hear the whisper of an Angel. Do we know what we really need or what we really want? Give your Angel the permission to guide and protect you. Let them take care of your problems. Then these great problems will begin to subside. These true messengers of love and hope will help you continue on. The realities and demands of life affect everyone and we all need something to hold on to, someone to trust. If we believe that we are worthy, we can become aware of the power of the Angels.

We need to wait for things to unfold and to take time to listen to the Angels.  Good things come to those who wait and those that accept them with a glorious heart.  Everyone has the gift of an Angel.  It is our choice to ask for help or push aside what is there for us.  To seek help is a sign of strength.

We have the choice each morning on what attitude we will have for that day.  We cannot change our past.  We cannot change the fact that people act in a certain way.  We cannot change what will not be changed.  The only thing we can do is remember to be the best we can be, believe in the power of Angels, and keep our burdens light as best we can.

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