A happy life is made up of little things:  a gift sent, a letter written, a call made, a recommendation given, transportation provided, a cake made, a book lent, a check sent.  ~ Carol Holmes ~

If you want a happy life, become more aware of your negative thinking and try replacing those thoughts with some positive ones. Take a walk to clear your mind. Spending time in nature can be very renewing. Your local park will allow you to appreciate the beauty of the natural world, and you will also be breathing in some fresh air. Walking is a form of exercise and exercise is one of the most dependable mood-boosters. Exercise can help you relax and it also increases your brain power. Wake up early, get that walk in, breathe all the great fresh air.

Be in touch with family and friends. Time spent with family and friends makes a big difference in how happy we feel. When we feel we have family and friends to count on when we are having a hard time, we will be much healthier. Take time to watch a sunset. We feel better when we spend money on other people, rather than ourselves. Volunteer. Give back. There is a lot of fulfillment in doing for others.

Compliment someone each day, even if it is a stranger. Smile at others. It may be the boost that someone needs to get through a difficult moment. If someone has done something nice for you, send a note telling them you care about them and tell them you appreciate them and value their friendship. Practice working towards a happier life every day. It will become a habit, and it will become easier with time.

A happy life comes about in the little things you do, and in the things you say.  Success and happiness is not in getting rich or rising high to fame.  Happiness comes when we are big of heart, and clean and broad in mind.  It is being faithful to your friends, and to the stranger, be kind.  Learn to enjoy the little things, there are so many of them.

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