It is easier to analyze a problem when you are outside the situation. We are on a journey of confusion. We need to find what makes us happy. What do we want? What interests us? What will bring us the most happiness? We should look at our life through the eyes of a stranger. Are we on the right track?What energizes us to keep going is to actually see progress.

We should start by organizing our thoughts and clearing our mind. Let’s not think about what our life is missing, but be grateful for what we have. We can look away from material needs and look for satisfaction in fundamentally deeper outlets. It’s time to think about exploring everything in life, there’s so much to learn.

To find answers to anything, we have to look at all the different angles. To make a decision that is right, we have to make the time to focus on the result we are the most interested in. We can learn more from failure than from success. We need occasional solitude to reflect upon our experiences to establish what kind of person we want to become down the path, and to help understand the things we need to do and change to reach that place in life. A sense of purpose comes from within. Don’t place too much emphasis on what others think of you. Also, don’t place too much emphasis on what you think of yourself. When we become confused about our life, people offer guidance. Treat them as just suggestions. Go with your gut and don’t over think.

Restlessness is the motivation to keep us trying new things. Do we know what we are looking for? Maybe we need more challenges in life. New goals, new direction, new dreams. Maybe we need to do something productive instead of searching for happiness. Trying to fill our life with worldly pleasures and achievements is like filling a bucket with holes. We can only start to feel satiated in life when we find meaningful steps that make the world a better place and reduce our attachment to things. We need to fulfill what our heart is craving. We have to make our plan to have every reason to be happy and content with our journey.

“So often time it happens, we all live our life in chains, and we never even know we have the key. “ ~ The Eagles, “Already Gone” ~ We have the key to get out of the chains that bind us, let’s make it happen.

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