The Magic, Rhonda Byrne is a book on spirituality, and is the third book in a series called “The Secret”. The Magic was released in 2013. Rhonda Byrne gained notoriety after appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show, showcasing her message of if you believe, it will provide for achievement of dreams.

Reviews of The Magic, By Rhonda Byrne:

“I have to say from the outset that I am a big fan of Rhonda Byrne’s work; but I’m a fan of it because her books and film have literally transformed my life. Although I was always a naturally happy and optimistic person, now I would describe myself as a joyful person (most of the time! We can’t and are not meant to always be joyful). The joy comes from knowing that absolutely nothing is impossible for me and my life, from knowing the power of goodness and love, from knowing that nothing just ‘happens’ to me, and from knowing that I can affect any change of circumstance that I wish for my own life. Also, The Secret led to my now strong spiritual faith – a knowing that this physical world with its miraculously precise laws is not an accident of evolution, and that there is much more to life, the world, and our place in it than our senses would have us believe.

So, it was no surprise to me that I loved The Magic. It was, though, a surprise to me that I loved it as MUCH as I did and do. In fact, I can confidently say that The Magic is my favorite of Rhonda Byrne’s books so far, and, I truly do think, her best book. I also felt that The Power, her most recent book before The Magic, was better than The Secret, so in a way I feel that Rhonda’s books are getting better and better.” From

I embarked on my jour­ney of the Magic in the begin­ning of April.I was not sure what to think of this book but decided to give it a shot. The first les­son of the Magic was the prac­tice, count your bless­ings. Every­day you make a list of ten bless­ings and write why you are grate­ful for them. You read them out load or in your head and say the magic words “thank you” three times after each one as you say them.

This process was hard for me to stick with 100% I will admit due to the fact I was not on a reg­u­lar sched­ule and not a morn­ing per­son. I did how­ever man­age to do this most days and found that this prac­tice alone was a very pow­er­ful one for me.

On day two you add your nightly prac­tice of the magic rock. This is where you find an object (a rock) and keep it in a place that you will see often. Every night before you go to sleep you grab your magic rock and think back over your day and say “thank you” for the best thing that hap­pened to you dur­ing the day. I really liked this prac­tice and I still prac­tice this one daily. I found this one to be a very easy and enjoy­able one to do. – From PureGoddesss University

I found this book a pure delight to read and it really made me feel so good. What surprised me the most is that it helped me put a lot of things into perspective, especially in regards to my past. Over the years I have trusted the wrong people, been let down by those who were meant to be there for me and taken advantage of time and time again. As a result (unconsciously) I’ve spent a lot of time regretting many decisions and blaming myself for making bad choices. For me this book enabled me to realise just how much I was ‘beating myself up about things’ and helped me to change that mind-set and ‘let go’ of the guilt, regret and anger. It helped me to identify the good that came from each experience, and see how they had shaped my character and personality. Some of my greatest strengths and characteristics are a result of some of my worst experiences. Seeing things in this way made me feel incredibly grateful and I no longer regret anything – I focus on the great that emerges from each experience. And believe me, whatever your experience; there will be something positive that comes from it. Whether it leads you to taking a particular career path or whether it empowers you to try new things – they are what you could call the silver linings. – From Noodlechip

Rhonda Byrne Quotes from The Magic:

“When you talk about any difficulties with money, a relationship, an illness, or even that the profits of your business are down, you are not talking about what you love. When you talk about a bad event in the news, or a person or situation that annoyed or frustrated you, you are not talking about what you love. Talking about the bad day you had, being late for an appointment, getting caught in traffic, or missing the bus are all talking about what you don’t love. There are many little things that happen each day; if you get caught up in talking about what you don’t love, every one of those little things brings more struggle and difficulty to your life. You have to talk about the good news of the day. Talk about the appointment that went well. Talk about how you love being on time. Talk about how good it is to be full of health. Talk about the profits you want your business to achieve. Talk about the situations and interactions you had in your day that went well. You have to talk about what you love, to bring what you love to you.”
― Rhonda Byrne, The Magic

“When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food and the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself.”
― Rhonda Byrne, The Magic

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