People will forget what you said, people may forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.  We should choose to be the loving person who makes others feel good about themselves. A loving person lives in a loving world, a hostile person lives in a hostile world, and everyone you meet is your mirror.  Let’s choose the loving world, where every day begins with new possibilities. Let’s use these possibilities to make the world a happier place.

It’s always nice if you can make someone feel just a little better about themselves. How do you make someone feel special? When you do things that make others feel good, it makes you feel better, too. Compliment someone for a job well done. Look someone in the eye and share how proud you are of them. Boost someone’s confidence by praising their efforts in front of others. Encourage them to continue doing good, everyone needs to hear words of encouragement. Praise them for evidence portrayed by inner qualities: patience, fairness, integrity and cooperation. Take an interest in their hobbies.

People sense your concern and are comforted that they are heard when you listen to what they have to say. The world can be a tough place to be at times. Give words of encouragement to someone who is in a negative situation. Ask about something important to them and show that you have a sincere interest in their lives. A smile can brighten people’s day in an instant, smile often. Give a hug. In the long run, you tend to be treated by others as you treat them. Be the person that makes others feel special.

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