There are winners and losers in life.  To be a winner, you must be authentic.  Being authentic means looking beyond the superficial aspects of life and finding meaning and purpose in a way that is based in truth within our soul, heart and mind.  To do this we must live our truth day after day.  If your truth changes along the way, then your actions must change with it.

It is important to live the truth you know and feel within yourself.  If after analyzing your true core, you feel you have been living your wrong truth, then it is necessary to make the proper changes and begin living your new and correct truth.  Then when you are on the right path, you will find joy, happiness and inner peace.

The change in you will reflect on, and change those around you.  Life is forever calling to us to be authentic and giving us experiences to let that happen.  If we  act on these experiences, that is what will bring meaning and purpose to our life.

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