Candles alone are an excellent meditation tool.  The flickering flame of a candle has a hypnotic, calming effect on your mind and body.  Always use beeswax candles for they are thought to be the cleanest, purest, most intense candles available for meditations.

Put your candle in a holder and set it on a table in front of where you are sitting.  Light the candle.  Concentrate on the candle’s flame.  Slowly breathe and imagine that you are inhaling the candle’s color and scent.  Imagine your heart pumping the color and scent to all parts of your body.  Breathe in the color energy and breathe out the negative energy.  Feel the energy of the scent and color of the candle possessing your life and your mood.  Do this for about 15 minutes or whatever you are comfortable with.

Choose which affirmations work for you and say them during meditation:

I listen to the truth of others; I share my truth honestly.
My willpower is aligned with my spiritual purposes in life.
I develop will each time I meet a life challenge.
I express my truth as creatively as possible.
I communicate with those who open their hearts to me.
I learn to listen to myself and trust my inner voice.
I develop my integrity each time I tell the truth.
My integrity is my word, and my word is my truth.
My communication comes directly from my deep center.
I express my love and goodness each time I speak.
My spirit rests in peace and silence.
I trust the whisper of angels’ voices as I sit in silence.

When you are finished, slowly shake yourself out of your meditative state.

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