When you meditate, you must be able to concentrate on only one thing at a time.  The mind tries to hold several different thoughts and ideas at once.  When you sit down to meditate for the first time, you realize how cluttered the mind is.  As complex as the mind seems to be, it can be tamed and forced to concentrate on a single thought.

The best way to train the mind is to concentrate on a candle flame.  Use a beeswax candle, and narrow your gaze to the small tip of the flame and block out all other thoughts.  If you get distracted, go back to focusing on the candle flame.  You can also use a small flower if a candle is not available.  The important thing is to practice the technique of concentrating on only one thing at a time.  Achieving a silent mind is difficult, but when you are able to do it, the experience is powerful and you are able to then proceed to having successful meditations.

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