Your hidden feelings are exposed in the core of what you Dream.  If you dream of good weather, you are probably feeling happy with your life.  Bright, sunny dreams usually express your creative expansion and potential.  They suggest that, in regard to the subject you are dreaming about, you are in control and feeling comfortable and settled.

If you dream of an earthquake, your sleep is probably being disturbed by outside noises.  Dark, gloomy weather in your dreams represents your fears and reservations and the realm of the unknown.  It may mean that you are unable to pinpoint exactly what is disturbing you about a person or situation.

A dream image of the moon signals that you will enjoy a flash of inspiration or creativity, experience success or the pleasure of increased wealth.  When you dream that you are in a pleasant, watery environment, you are probably being nurtured by life, feeling balanced and satisfied with your progress.  Calm and inviting water suggests the development of your imagination or a new stage in your life.  Soft, gentle rain is clearing to the mind, opening it to new thinking.

Dreams can tell us so much about ourselves if we are open to the messages they send.  Self awareness is key to the understanding process.  Everyone dreams, even if the dreams are not recalled.  Join us at www.secretserendipity.com as we travel on the important journey of Self Enlightenment.

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