Moon of Serendipity


The Sun has one kind of splendor, the Moon another and the Stars another, and star differs from star in splendor.  The Moon has a mystique all its own.  It is often thought of with secrecy and mystery, and is associated with strange, uncanny powers.  It evokes a peculiar range of responses in cultures everywhere, from curiosity and wonder, to romance and affection, to awe and dread.  It is believed that the Full Moon brings forth weird behaviors, extreme reactions, and over-the-top emotional outbursts associated with no other time on the calendar.

People fall in love under the full moon.  It’s hard to see a beautiful yellow-gold moon rising and not want to walk along the sea shore hand-in-hand with someone special.  Ancient cultures worshiped the moon, and held ceremonies, rituals and festivals in its honor.  Mythologies speak of Moon Goddesses.  The moon represents your emotional, inner self, your instincts, habits and automatic reactions.

The moon influences the tides.  It influences the gravitational field of the earth.  Full Moons  are at the height of the moon’s power.  This is an excellent time for meditation and psychic workings.  Crystal cleansing is particularly recommended at this time.  Flood your crystal with moonlight before doing the cleansing for best results.

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“Shining bright and steady, the Moon in Glory” ~ Serendipity Unlimited

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