Moonstone Pendant


Moonstones have a highly spiritual nature, they pull vibrations from the Mother Earth while connecting to the energy of the moon, to work serendipitous events into your life.  Its energy balances the masculine-feminine vibrations within your body and will nurture your spirit.  The Quartz Crystal is the most popular of the Moonstones.  These beautiful crystals reflect within them the magical healing qualities of the vibrations of the moon.

The moonstones allow you to feel heartfelt joy that flows out into your aura field.  You may find that you begin to experience a greater number of serendipitous situations.  Serendipity is a powerful aid in moving your life in a new, positive direction.  If you open your mind to the prospects that these situations may bring into your life, new possibilities for manifesting what you desire may emerge.  The energy of the Moonstone Quartz crystals are thought to possess a strong love vibration when worn as jewelry.

“Shining bright and steady, the Moon in Glory.”   Serendipity, Unlimited!

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