Music makes me happy


Music has a remarkable ability to conjure up strong emotions in people.  It can cheer you up and it can bring you down.  What is it about music that makes humming along to a tune feel so natural and relaxing?  Experts say that certain types of beats, melodies, and rhythms affect the brain in different ways and these can have a significant impact on your mood, stress levels and even your immune system.

Music can be part of a natural healing process because it creates both a physical and emotional response.  You can turn to different types of music and the sounds of various instruments to create a change in your mood.   Feeling down and in a negative mood can take its toll on your stress levels and even make you physically ill.  Uplifting music can help you get out of that funk, and fast.  Inspirational music and oldies music with a fast beat can be a great pick-me-up when you’re having a tough day.  If you can sing along to the song, even better.

Listening to music activates brain areas associated with memory.  Seek out songs that remind you of the good times:  a holiday, a particular person, a place you like going to, the people who were in your life at that time.  Memories work by association, and when you hear these songs, the brain brings back the feelings along with the memories.  Positive reminiscence is good for us.  People who can regularly recall good memories of the past, become more satisfied with their life in the present.

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