Essential Oil


Nag Champa is sometimes called the most popular scent in the world.  As an incense it can be used for a calming meditation, and it is very metaphysical in property.  Dance clubs have been known to burn Nag Champa for its pleasant effects and masking of odors, such as sweat.  Within New Age popular culture, many rockers and rock groups, including Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, and many others, burn Nag Champa at their concerts.  Rapper Common has a song entitled “Nag Champa (Afrodisiac for the World)” and many other songs also mention Nag Champa.   Musicians have cited experiences of mood and spiritual alteration due to burning this incense.

Some people choose to create a haven for themselves somewhere in their home, a place where they can find some solitude and reconnect with themselves.  Nag Champa is perfect for meditation and for creating that spiritual, sacred space in your home.  Nag Champa sticks and cones burn slowly and allow you plenty of time to gather your thoughts while you meditate and reflect on the day.

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