Fairies and Angels


Nature Fairies are invisible and inaudible like Angels.  They are not Angels, but are Angel helpers.  Nature Fairies have a magic that is known to sparkle in nature.  These Nature Fairies live among plants and animals and are responsible for the therapeutic effects we experience as we relate to nature.

Have you ever noticed how well you feel when you are out of doors and in nature?  This is believed to be, in part, the doings of the Nature Fairies.  They teach us about the responsibility we all have to live in harmony with all life on the planet.  Living in harmony will bring stability and abundance to all forms of energy that flows around us at every moment.

When you are walking in nature, ask the Nature Fairies to surround you with their love, light, healing energies, and protection.  This is the way they will help you release all the negative energy you find yourself carrying around that is making you sad and off balance, and replace it with love and harmony as you experience the feeling of being one with nature.  Let the Nature Fairies help you become a better, happier, more peaceful YOU.

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