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Meditation is about the NOW.  Meditation allows us to go deep into the heart of the matter to gain access to our inner reality.  Most people like the idea of meditation but feel they don’t have the time for it.  When you really want to do something you can find the time to do it.  You can get up earlier or watch 20 minutes less of television.  The meditation cleaning of the mind makes the rest of the day more productive.

If everyone else around you is worthy of your care and attention, then so are you. You not only deserve this time, but you need it for your own well-being. Lack of time for ourselves often leads to feeling frustrated, tired, overwhelmed and out of balance. Without this time for ourselves, we lose sight of what’s important to us.  Meditation is worth allowing time for.

Nothing is better than the feeling of inner peace.  Meditation is not about retreating from the world, it is about giving us inspiration to be a better person.  If you have peace of mind, your work will be more enjoyable and productive.

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