November 2022 Horoscope and Astrological Events!

November 2022 Horoscope and Astrological Events – The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus goes down on November 8, the same day as the U.S. Elections.

November 2022 Horoscope and Astrological Events!

The Full Moon in November 8, passes along the axis of the Taurus-Scorpio signs, so the intensity of passions is quite high. Even if one manages to maintain composure, there is no guarantee that this calmness is not temporary. A water sign awakens feelings, brings chaos to life. If people disappear from your environment, it means that communication with them was unnecessary. It is necessary to cut off the ends mercilessly: indecision will not lead to good.

November 2022 Horoscope and Astrological Events – Horoscope!

This month will be good for love and romance. You will get full support of your partner. Unmarried people desirous to get married will be able to tie the knot. You shall enjoy good health. The uncertainty of the first half of the month will end and you can look forward to an emotionally and professionally satisfying time. Family members will be supportive. Luck will favor you. Finances will improve and you will be comfortable.

November 2022 Horoscope and Astrological Events – Elections!

During the November elections, many countries will experience spontaneous protests and unrest. People will begin to resist authority much more strongly, which will force authorities to make some concessions and adopt certain measures, as many countries will find themselves moving closer to a revolution. Countries suffering from economic instability are likely to see changes in government, if not outright political chaos. Problems that arise during the second half of 2022 will continue during the first three months of 2023.

November 2022 Horoscope and Astrological Events – Lunar Eclipse!

The Lunar Eclipse falls on November 7 and 8, challenging your own sense of identity. This can be a powerful catalyst urging you to shed your old skin and be proud of your true self. It takes guts to show the world who you really are, so don’t be surprised to find yourself feeling insecure at times. Ground yourself in your inner core, and reach out to your family and/or friends when you feel you need them.

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November 2022 Astrology – The Power of an Eclipse!

During eclipse season, the Universe takes over the wheel and makes adjustments to your reality. If you’re veering away from your chosen path, an eclipse won’t hesitate to turn your life in the right direction, even if it’s the last thing we want to do.

November 2022 Gemstone is the Topaz!

The crystal stones for November are Topaz and Citrine. Topaz and Citrine look so similar, in fact, that they’ve often been mistaken for one another throughout history. They are unrelated minerals, and Topaz occurs in a wide spectrum of colors far beyond yellow. Providing inner peace and calmness to the mind, a Yellow Topaz is known to bring happiness to its wearer. It eradicates negativity and evil and provides relief from depression, worries, regrets and despair linked from the past. A Natural Topaz stone increases the power of concentration.

November 2022 Gemstone is also the Citrine!

The second November crystal stone is the Citrine. The Citrine birthstone is renowned for its magnificent shades of gold. Its color ranges from soft pale yellows to a striking reddish-brown amber. In fact, the very word ‘citrine’ stems from the Latin word for ‘lemon’. Citrine tends to have a hexagonal crystal system and in its natural form has a cloudy or smoky look. The meaning of citrine is focused on prosperity, joy and energy. Yellow is symbolic of happiness, freedom and hope. Orange is associated with vitality, enthusiasm, excitement, and warmth. Gold is the color of prosperity and luxury.

November 2022 Astrology and Your Money!

You’ll have a simple and pleasant month ahead of you this November, but don’t make any significant purchases or dispute over money during this time. In the first three weeks of the month, avoid taking risks and investing large sums of money. The aspect of Venus in your zodiac’s 7th house suggests that love will provide you serenity in the wake of upheaval.

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