Numerology Within Astrology

Numerology is the least understood principle of the metaphysical sciences as it is the study of the symbolism of numbers. When it is used properly, it helps discover secret meanings and predictions for the future. Numerology has been used for thousands of years in China, Rome, Japan and Greece. This study is based on an idea proposed by Pythagoras around 500 BC, that everything can be expressed in terms of numbers. This is a wonderful topic to learn more about in relation to our monthly horoscopes.

In Numerology, each letter has a numeric value that provides a related cosmic vibration. The intriguing path of numerology takes your name, along with your date of birth and reduces it down to a single digit. We will give you the steps below to reach your final Identity Number, and a list of the qualities and energies associated with your own personal number.

Numerology and New AgeIf you take the sum of the numbers in your birth date and the sum of value derived from the letters in your name, this will provide an interrelation of vibrations. Each digit from 1 to 9 has its own tendencies. The end number may have insight into your key personality. The numbers with two digits are added together to make the resultant single number. The numbers often show a great deal about character, purpose in life, what motivates, and where talents may lie. Experts in Numerology within the study of Astrology, use the numbers to determine the best time for major moves and activities in life.

Birth Day Number

Your Birth Day Number gives you an idea of the opportunities and challenges you will encounter and the personal traits that will assist you on your path of life. To calculate your Birth Day number, calculate the number of letters in the month (e.g,:  January=7, February=8, March=5, etc.), the day (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) and year of your birth. Numbers are reduced to the single digits 1 through 9. The numbers are reduced by simple addition. The number 23, for instance, is reduced by adding 2 + 3 to get 5.

Similarly, the number 1974 can be reduced by adding 1 + 9 + 7 + 4 to get 21. The 21 can be further reduced by adding 2 + 1 to get 3. When you add up the number for the Month, the number for the day, and the number for the year, add the final numbers together and reduce them until you have a single digit.  For example, if your total number is 36, reduce it further by adding the 3+6 = 9.  Your final Birth Day Number would be 9. Also, check out our Daily Astrology area for more info on your birthdate and for each day’s influences.

True Name Number

To find out your True Name number, use the name given you on your birth certificate or an identification document, including your middle name. If you had your name changed legally, use that name. Add together all of the letter’s numbers. Reduce the sum of your name’s numbers into a single digit. If you have 25, split the 25 and add 2+5 = 7.

Assign the letters in your name to the numbers below:

Number 1– A, J, S

Number 2– B, K, T

Number 3– C, L, U

Number 4– D, M, V

Number 5– E, N, W

Number 6– F, O, X

Number 7– G, P, Y

Number 8– H, Q, Z

Number 9– I, R

Your final number from the letters in your legal name is also known as your Destiny Number and a good judge of your talents. Your True Name number, combined with your Birth Day number, will give you the best perspective on your true identity.   This is called your Identity Number.

The Identity Number

Your Identity Number is your most important number, as it is a sum total of your Birth Day Number and your True Name Number. It is obtained by adding both numbers together and reducing it to one digit. This number helps understand your identity, from the depth of your soul, and connecting to your inner-self and the core of your being.

When you are down to one number after combining your Birth Day Number and your True Name Number, find your number at the list below for insights into the cosmic vibrations you possess. It is a list of the qualities and energies associated with each number. Your name and the day you were born may give you the clear insight to your basic character tendencies that you’ve been looking for.

Numerology Meaning of Numbers:

The Number One: A strong leader who believes in unity, an organizer with individualistic style and a will to succeed. Very impulsive and dominating, which makes them a loner.

The Number Two: A sensitive and considerate person who is always forgiving others, a gentle, stable team member. They are followers and tend to be depressed as they feel their needs aren’t being met.

The Number Three: An artistic person who enjoys life and loves to bring joy to others. They are so busy helping others that they forget to finish what they start.

The Number Four: A scientific genius with attention to detail, always trying to complete new goals. Very serious and usually confused, wondering why they are missing all the small pleasures in life.

The Number Five: An action-oriented person who is a quick thinker. They love change and challenges. Usually dissastisfied because they take too many risks that don’t seem to work out for them.

The Number Six: A balanced, responsible family person, always wanting to make everyone feel secure. Their goal is to give love. Usually exhausted trying to take care of everyone’s needs.

The Number Seven: A charming personality who seeks peace and believes strongly in the mystical side of life. A person who is constantly distracted and spends too much time daydreaming.

The Number Eight: Loves power and authority and accumulating lots of money through hard work and smart investing. Usually stressed and impatient, trying to balance work and family.

The Number Nine: Very friendly and is always doing good works, always a success at problem solving. Very moody in search of attention as they feel they are not appreciated.

Numerology within Astrology is a tool for self discovery. We use the tools of Astrology to help us to better understand who we are as individuals. Numerology can help us interpret the symbols of numbers and that these symbols can play a part in helping us make sense of how we are living our lives. Numbers have relationships with all things in nature, and that makes them a very powerful symbolic expression.

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