Angels appreciate things about you that you thought no one else ever even noticed.  Angels are most inspired by your wish to be free.  They are often silent, and they are listening to every thought that stirs your soul.  They are the gatekeepers to the soul.  Angels are the light that illuminates our soul’s divinity.

Angels are vigilant and wait for openings to enter our consciousness.  They are the spirit that permeates the universe and lives within us as we seek oneness.  Angels are students in Heaven and teachers on Earth.  They are the guardians of hope and wonder, the keepers of magic and dreams.

The angels are ready to assist you, but they usually like to wait for you to call upon them. All you need to do is say, “Angels, please guide and protect me (or a loved one),” and they will come right away! They wait for you to ask them. If you want help with anything, you just need to ask the angels for their assistance, and they will be there for you.

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