Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. ~ Albert Einstein ~

Today will be better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today.  We will hope for a better day tomorrow because we are going to be optimistic from now on.  Optimists experience less stress than pessimists.  Optimists believe in themselves and their abilities to handle difficult situations in life.  They see negative events as minor setbacks to be easily overcome, and view positive events as evidence of further good things to come in the future.  We will believe in ourselves, we will take risks and create more positive events in the future because we believe in tomorrow.

We will not give up on our plans and our dreams for tomorrow.  If we have failures, we will leave them in the past and will do our best to achieve success because of the experiences we’ve had.   We will create our own positive energy as we plan for all of our tomorrows.  We hold as true the belief that tomorrow will be better.

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