I am more than my physical body. ~~

I consciously will separate from my physical body once I am asleep. ~~

Most of us at some time, experience the feeling during sleep that we have left our body.  We feel that we have risen to the Fourth Dimension, which bridges time and space.  It is thought to be an invisible world of spirits and the home of souls waiting to incarnate into physical existence.  Out-of-body dreams are usually exceptionally realistic and extremely colored.

In your wakened state, when you experience the sensation of deja vu, it is because in the dream state,  you journeyed to the Fourth Dimension and previewed the future, which is now evident as the present.  When you think about someone you haven’t seen for a long time and later meet them unexpectedly, it might be that during an out-of-body experience, you met in the Fourth Dimension and planned to resume contact in the physical world.

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