Past Life research can reveal interesting and enlightening personal facts.  Researching our own past lives can help diagnose and treat chronic ailments and phobias, and help to enrich our current life journey.  Start by keeping a dream journal.

Our dreams are our subconscious link to our soul, and can clue us in on both our current mental and emotional status, and also our past lives.  Before going to bed at night, ask your angels to help reveal a past life to you in your dream.  As you fall asleep, imagine yourself going back in time, choose images of yourself at younger ages, and eventually at your own birth.  Upon awakening, write down the dreams you had so that you can remember them and think about them later.  It may take a while, but keep at it and see what it reveals.

Meditate.  Find a quiet peaceful place and meditate while asking yourself to reveal your past lives.  In deep meditation you should be able to see glimpses of your past lives that you can use in further research.

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