It’s time to get back to basics…  It’s Time to Find Balance Again:

A life that gets out of balance is a life without purpose and meaning. Finding balance in our lives is so important, yet so hard to do. Balance is how we do the things we have to do and the things we want to do without changing the number of hours in the day. Take time to look at your life, your state of mind, and how you’re feeling. Maintaining a healthy life balance can be a tremendous boost to success in all aspects of your life. Life is constantly changing and what works for us today, might not be right for us next week. Be open to family and friends if you feel you need help with your needs. Don’t expect others to guess. Do the best you can, and realize that not everything is going to get done, and that is fine. Don’t stress, and if you have to, re-evaluate your priorities.

Achieving balance allows us to reach our goals and our purpose in life. Life is definitely a balancing act, and we have to be careful not to fall. Make your time off work as much of a priority as work time. Our health is important to the quality of life we experience, and getting enough sleep is necessary for good health. A good physical appearance, from a proper night’s sleep, enhances our dignity and self-respect.

Too much of anything in life can throw us off balance. Decide what really matters and cut out any activities or tasks that do not support your priorities. You don’t have to control everything. Allow things to happen when they are supposed to happen. Decide that you want to be balanced. Make an effort to live in the now. Don’t forget the quiet side of your life. Take a walk in the woods or visit a park, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle anything. Finding balance is a lifetime project, it is an on-going way of living. Make your number one goal to be happy and to experience greater life satisfaction and well being.

“Life is a balance. We tend to forget that as we go blithely from day to day. We eat and drink and sleep and assume we will always rise up the next day, that meals and rest will always replenish us. Injuries we expect to heal, and pain to lessen as time goes by. Even when we are faced with wounds that heal more slowly, with pain that lessens by day only to return in full force at nightfall, even when sleep does not leave us rested, we still expect that somehow tomorrow will all come back into balance and that we will go on. At some point, the exquisite balance has tipped, and despite all our flailing efforts, we begin the slow fall from the body that maintains itself to the body that struggles, nails clawing, to cling to what it used to be.” ~ Robin Hobb, Fool’s Errand ~

If you let the last election get you off balance, it’s time to get back on track.  Let’s not worry about the past, let’s go forward with optimism and peace.  Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and of true progress.

Let’s get along and respect each other.

We at www.secretserendipity.com search daily for balance.

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