We are the creators of our own reality. If what we want is worth achieving, then it’s worth the effort required to achieve it. If we don’t feel we need to work for something to achieve it, and we don’t understand why we are always suffering from poverty, then we are probably miserable and don’t understand that poverty in many cases is a mind-set. A person with a take-take attitude will always have a poverty mentality. They believe they are a victim of others’ decisions and choices, and they usually feel entitled and fearful. An attitude of scarcity can negatively affect your success.

If you have faced a great loss, it just might be your greatest opportunity. If you have lost your job, it may be the chance to do something you really have always wanted to do. Don’t feel sad, wait for the next opportunity to show up. Accept that we cannot control things that are beyond our control, but we can control how we handle the situation. Every situation offers some positives. It will present itself to you. Just because you don’t get to have something right now does not mean you won’t be able to have it later.

We should welcome competition as it makes a better living environment for everyone. There is enough for everybody, opportunities are endless in life. Make plans and goals to achieve what you need, and trust that good results will happen in time.

Abundance is an attitude. The real truth is that there is plenty for everyone. An abundance mentality shows us that there are opportunities ahead and there is always more where that came from. Abundance thinking is when we believe that the best is yet to come. Appreciate all you have, your food, shelter, friends, family, etc. Hang out with people with the abundance mentality. Learn to live within your means. Don’t let others take advantage of your generosity.

Do we have a poverty mindset or do we have abundance thinking? Most of us have a little bit of both, at different times in our lives. Focus on what you have, not on what you don’t. Work hard, and with integrity. Abundance is a state of mind, not a physical reality. It makes a lot of sense to adopt an abundance mindset and realize that your life is already full of good things.

“Poverty is a funny phenomenon. It is always defined financially and always relative to what other people earn. It is possible to be extremely happy despite having little money and being officially categorized as poverty-stricken. You can also be really unhappy despite earning a high salary. Those who always want something more will always live in poverty, regardless of how much they earn, while those who are content with what they have will always feel they have an abundance. Most poverty in the UK isn’t material poverty, it’s spiritual poverty, a state of mind in which fulfillment comes only from the pursuit of material gain.” ~ Mark Boyle, The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living ~

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