A Crystal, in the form of a crystal pendant, is believed to heal holistically and stimulate healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Crystal healing is largely based on the principles of energy healing and metaphysics.  Everything is made of energy.  Our bodies are made of energy and filled with energy.  Energy is constantly flowing through us.  Crystals have the capacity to absorb, store, amplify and transfer energy.  The healing energy that is transferred by crystals merges into our own energy, lifting us with its high vibration.  Our bodies need energy to heal itself.  Our goals need energy in order to manifest.  Crystals serve to amplify our own energy so that our bodies can heal faster.

Crystals also absorb energy.  When negative energy is being directed towards us by others through negative thoughts, emotions or bad wishes, our crystal can absorb that negative energy before it contaminates our own energy body and affects us.  This makes a crystal a wonderful protector.  If we feel negative energy within us, wearing a crystal pendant can absorb our negative thoughts and emotions to make us a more positive person and increase our self esteem.

Different crystals emit different energies, so it is necessary to find the crystal that is best suited for our particular needs at the many different times in our life.  The most powerful is the clear quartz crystal.  A very favorite of many is the rose quartz crystal, the crystal of love.  There are crystals for prosperity, wisdom, centering and many others.  Cleansing a Crystal is often necessary for best results.

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