The man who tries to succeed must expect to be criticized.  Nothing important was ever done but that the greater number consulted previously doubted the possibility.  Success is the accomplishment of that which most people think can’t be done.  ~ C.V. White ~

You absolutely cannot have success if you do not know what it means for you personally.  Define your meaning of success, set clear goals and be realistic.  Stay away from people and things that are distractions to you.  This will only confuse you.  The Road to Success is paved with roadblocks. Start with the basics:  willpower, effort, goals and determination.  These are all very important.  Surround yourself with people who are on the right track.  When you are surrounded with people who are highly-driven, it encourages you to be your best and follow your own goals.

Imagine yourself being successful.  Einstein said that the imagination is more important than knowledge.  Make sure that the success you seek is not at someone else’s expense.  Smile, be the best you can be, take care of yourself and each other.  Follow us at as we take our journey to wellness.

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