Rose Oil, as an essential oil, has its place secured in a natural beauty routine.  It is a natural, chemical-free alternative to everything from traditional cosmetics to potentially toxic fragrances.  It can do much more than just smell good.  Rose essential oil is used in creams, lotions and soaps for it is believed to strengthen the heart both spiritually and emotionally.  It is also believed to be useful for headache relief as well as easing of tired eyes.

In aromatherapy, rose oil inspires emotional calm and stability without sedative effects.  The aroma is powerful and comforting.  Rose Oil, the ultimate Woman’s Oil, has a reputation for improving hormone balance, treating PMS, and improving the look and health of your skin.  But Rose Oil is not just for women, men love it, too!  One whiff and a vision of the flower itself comes readily to mind.    It is an aroma that has endured for centuries and will never go out of style.

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