Using a Rose Quartz Crystal can balance your emotions, allowing for inner peace, while creating space for compassion and forgiveness to blossom.  This beautiful crystal, named for its soft pink color, contains properties of unconditional love for others and for one’s self.  It is believed to help balance the emotions while increasing self esteem.

Rose Quartz works by opening the heart chakra, enhancing your own openness to love in all forms:  romantic, platonic, self love, family love, and love of animals, planets and the Earth.  It can help you let go of stored fear, anger and resentment, replacing them with peace, harmony and self esteem.

Keep a heart-shaped Rose Quartz stone under your pillow when you sleep at night to encourage love in all of your relationships.  If your pet has been through a trauma, attach a Rose Quartz to his or her collar to allow for a peaceful release of fears and frightened emotions.

Hold a Rose Quartz Crystal either in your pocket, as jewelry, or just in your hand, when you’re interacting with someone.  Visualize the crystal’s love energy filling your heart and traveling to the other person.  Visualize their heart being filled with the same healing love energy from your Rose Quartz, and allow this energy to flow freely between you.

The Rose Quartz Crystal is one of our favorite crystals at  Join us in this Mystical journey of understanding the metaphysical aspects of crystals.  We believe in Peace, Love and Music always.

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