Happiness is living a simple life.  The simplier you can make your life, the happier you are going to be.  Have a meaning in your life.  Make yourself goals in living your life that are in harmony with each other.  If they conflict, you will end up being stressed and unhappy.  Do the things you are good at.  Money is not the solution to all problems, it is only barter.

Life without close, meaningful friendships is meaningless.  Friendships beat money and power.  Tell your friends what they mean to you and make their day, as well a yours.  Always keep your word to your friends.  Be loyal and they will be loyal to you.  Be grateful of how fortunate you are.  Accept yourself and your uniqueness and don’t compromise who you are.  Ask for help when you need it, and help those in return.  Always do your fair share.  Happiness is close, you just need to do your part to make it happen.

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