self approval


Do you feel you need to have approval?  Our primary source of approval needs to come from within, rather than outside forces.  We need to approve of ourselves in order to feel inner peace and security.  Self Esteem comes from how we feel inside.  It is important to eliminate internal conflict to make this happen.  When you disapprove of yourself, all the outside approval in the world cannot make up for it.

It is important to act and speak in a way that makes you feel good about yourself while also helping others to feel good, too.  When you do this, take the time to stop and acknowledge it.

When you work hard at something, or do well on a project, or complete a goal, find a way to reward yourself.  Give yourself the acknowledgment that you deserve, for you have truly earned it.  It is a good thing to have self-approval and internal harmony while helping others to claim theirs.

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