The Seven Chakras

The Seven Chakras in the body are energy centers that start at the top of your head and end at the bottom of your spine. They regulate all parts of your bodily systems, influencing everything from emotional processing to resistance to disease. When a chakra is not functioning properly, or if it is blocked, illness is more prone to occur.

Sometimes chakras become blocked because of stress, emotional or physical problems. If the body’s “energy system” cannot flow freely, it is likely that problems will occur.

Chakra 1 – The Root or Base
Its color is red, crystal is the Red Jasper, and it is located at the perineum, base of your spine. It is the Chakra closest to the earth. Its function is concerned with earthly grounding and physical survival. This Chakra is associated with your legs, feet, bones, large intestine and adrenal glands. When your first chakra is balanced, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and peace when you think about things like money, safety and shelter.

Chakra 2 – The Sacral or Navel Chakra
Its color is orange, crystal is the Carnelian, and it is located between the base of your spine and your navel. It is associated with your lower abdomen, kidneys, bladder, circulatory system and your reproductive organs and glands. It is concerned with emotion. This chakra represents desire, pleasure, sexuality, procreation and creativity. When your second chakra is balanced, you will relish in the pleasurable things life has to offer, without overdoing them.

Chakra 3 – The Solar Plexus
Its color is yellow, its crystal is the Citrine, and it is located a few inches above the navel in the solar plexus area. This chakra is concerned with your digestive system, muscles, pancreas and adrenals. It is the seat of your emotional life. Feelings of personal power, laughter, joy and anger are associated with this center. When your third chakra is balanced, you will feel a sense of wisdom, decisiveness and personal power.

Chakra 4 – The Heart
Its color is green, its crystal is the Moss Agate, and it is located within your heart. It is the center of love, compassion, harmony and peace. The Asians say that this is the house of the soul. This Chakra is associated with your lungs, heart, arms hands and thymus gland. When your fourth chakra is balanced, you are able to equally feel love for yourself and others.

Chakra 5 – The Throat
Its color is blue or turquoise, its crystal is the Dumortierite, and it is located within the throat. It is the Chakra of communication, creativity, self-expression and judgment. It is associated with your neck, shoulders, arms, hands, thyroid and parathyroid glands. When your throat chakra is balanced, you will be able to clearly speak with love, kindness and truth.

Chakra 6 – The Third Eye (or Brow Chakra)
Its color is Indigo (a combination of red and blue), its crystal is the Labradorite, and it is located at the center of your forehead, at eye level or slightly above. This Chakra is used to question the spiritual nature of our lives. It is the Chakra of question, perception and knowing. A balanced Third Eye is a beautiful thing, and it’s really what you are trying to achieve when you start on a path to spiritual development.

Chakra 7 – The Crown
Its color is violet, its crystal is the Amethyst, and it is located at the top of your head. It is associated with the cerebral cortex, central nervous system, and the pituitary gland. It is concerned with information, understanding, acceptance and bliss. Balancing this Chakra brings us happiness, good health and wisdom.

The Clear Quartz Crystal

The Master of all healing crystals is the Clear Quartz Crystal and should be used with other crystals for maximum results.  Clear Quartz Crystals encourage clarity of thought and purpose to one’s heart and mind.  Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer” and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. Clear Quartz draws off negative energy of all kinds, and balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. The use of clear quartz crystals facilitates the harmonious vibrations in all seven chakra centers at the same time while holding precise alignment with the light.

The openness and flow of energy through our chakras determines our state of health and balance. Keeping a chakra open is not difficult when you have awareness. Being fully aware of all the Seven Chakras, their respective colors, crystals, and the organs they impact, will help you notice the improvements you can bring to your body.  If you have an area of concern, consider wearing the crystal related to your problem area.  Either alone or in jewelry, that flow of energy from the crystal should bring good energy.  Including a clear quartz crystal in your jewelry of choice can only be a positive.

Yoga postures have been recognized as a fantastic technique to release stuck or stagnant energy out of the body. The Chakra Essential oils also form an important part of Chakra healing and are generally used when combined with massage techniques. Forgiveness is one of the most important ways to heal blockages in the chakras. If forgiveness is true and unconditional, amazing healing occurs in all areas of the body.

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