Do you believe that your happiness is related to big events and special days?  Try noticing the little things.  Find reasons to be happy in the small things that happen every day.  Most of our life is spent doing the day to day things.  Many of those things are really special and they add much to your life.  Noticing these small pleasures throughout your day makes a huge difference in your levels of happiness.

Simplify your life by identifying the things you really love, then look for ways of eliminating as many distractions as possible.  The more chaos in your life, the greater the potential for stress.  By simplifying your life, you create time for your happiness, while reducing the stress and chaos.  There is so much wonder and awe in this world.  Whatever your interests or passions may be, increased knowledge about those things can enrich your life.  You can find your happiness and peace in simplicity, where it was all along.

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