We all appreciate the benefits of a soothing bath.  Equally as effective on the psychic energetic level is the practice of Smudging.  This is the name given to the Smoke Bowl Blessing, a powerful cleansing technique from Native American traditions.  It is the burning of herbs for emotional, spiritual and psychic purification.  It cleanses the negative energies or influences that might be present in our lives, which usually results in a personal depression.  Smudging rituals can change your life by promoting healing and can turn your home into a spiritual sanctuary.  Begin each morning with a simple smudging cleansing so you can sail through the day with confidence and hope.

Smudging involves blazing of certain sacredly-important plants and resins that are herbal in nature and then fanning the smoke of the burnt plants and herbs around the person, object or place that is being subjected to smudging. It is believed that doing this purifies everything, including the mind, body and soul of all negative energies. Prepare or purchase smudging bundles which are made out of leaves of the plants that are first tied together and then left to dry. When dried, use it as incense by lighting the end and then putting out the flame. Use a burning dish, usually a large shell, and wave the smoke (usually with a feather) around the area of the room, and around the person being smudged, to make the area pure and free of all evils and negative energies. Smudging is thought to heal the emotional and psychic parts in humans through spiritual purification.

We at like smudging for positive energy.

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