A Spiritual Awakening starts with a feeling that travels throughout our body, mind and soul. It is a connection we make with the Divine. It is a reconnect with the spiritual and gives us an awareness full of love and peace within the Universe. A Spiritual Awakening is when our consciousness shifts and grows. We feel like a new person, one who experiences deep happiness. The more we grow spiritually, the less we will be attracted to hypocrisy in others. It is a time to speak our truth. It is a time to listen to our heart. Spirituality awakens in us a sense of inner peace.

A walk in nature will make us feel more connected to the Universe and a deep oneness with our fellow man. We develop a love of nature. Our heart will open up and soften towards all of God’s creatures. We learn that we are all one, we feel it deeply, and know that we are connected by Divine Spiritual energy. As spiritual people, we are joyous. We become the change we wish to see in the world. We feel our life only has a meaning when we do something for others. It is an awakening to the spiritual side of our being.

Evolving spiritually can be a confusing process. It is a time when we seek the meaning of our life. Spiritual Awakenings are our soul’s cry for freedom. When we experience a spiritual awakening, we find we are drawn to personal development. We know what is best for us, and right decisions become clear. It is time for us to re-evaluate our connections with negative things and people. This has to be accomplished as gently as possible as we are all living as one in the same Universe. It is not a time to isolate ourselves from those that do not understand. We are called to lead by example. Our responsibility is to spread peace and truth by our actions.

“Within you lies opportunity to grow in spirit. Keep your feet on the Earth, but lift your face towards the heavens. Surrender to the Light with a tranquil mind, and a heart full of the love of God.” ~ White Eagle. ~

“When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you, a joy. When action come from another section, the feeling disappears.” ~ Rumi. ~

We at www.secretserendipity.com know how important a Spiritual Awakening is to all of us. We welcome the opportunity to experience inner peace.

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