Tiger's Eye


The stone known as the Tiger’s Eye should make you think of the qualities of the tiger.  Patient, focused, alert, determined, with perfect timing and slow, deliberate actions are emulated in this beautiful stone.  The Tiger’s Eye promotes balance and strength to get through difficult phases of life.  It relieves doubt and bestows clarity.  The Tiger’s Eye is also a great stone for visualization and manifestation.  

The Tiger’s Eye can be used for a simple money spell.  Empower several Tiger’s Eye stones with your need for money.  Use them to surround a green beeswax candle.  Light the candle and visualize, while incorporating a meditation.  Tiger’s Eye can help you see into your past lives.  Gaze into the stone, still your mind and watch the flashes of light.

The Tiger’s Eye immediately grounds everyone in it’s presence.  It is said to be very helpful to people with ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorders and any other tendency to swing from one extreme to another.

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